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Spring Cleanups



Overseed & Fertilizer Package $39.99*

We apply a pre-mixed product which includes grass seed, soil enhancement, fertilizer, and nitrogen to give your lawn a good start for spring.

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Stone Projects

Stone projects can add attractive features to your front or back yard.

We do a wide range of stone projects including the following:

  • Raised stone gardens
  • Walkways, pathways
  • Patios
  • Repairs on stonework
  • Stone designs for tree wells and garden beds
  • Gravel firepits
  • Rockwork for rock gardens – we spray before we lay down a quality fabric to prevent weeds

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Decks & Fences

Our specialty is 3 rail Fortress fence, which is our most common request. However, we do many other styles of fences such as Pickets, and Horizontal fences.

For decks, we can repair, replace, or build new decks which are wood, composite, PVC, Timber Tech, or Porcelain. We can do picture frame border decks, single board seamless decks, and there are options for railings including wooden, aluminum, and glass insert panels.

We are often asked to create wood, stone or Allen block retaining walls. The most common problem with retaining walls is that they can move, shift, or even collapse because of heavy rains or other weather issues. When necessary, we insert geo-grids to stabilize retaining walls to prevent them from moving.

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